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Our server installation service makes sure that your servers are properly installed, running optimally, and fully secured.

Small Business Server Installation Services

You might consider the computer server as the nerve center of any workplace, technically speaking. That is because the word “server” actually refers to a number of computer resources such as email and operating systems, not to mention various files, and processes like printing. Most businesses rely on computers and servers to keep the company on track. These servers are extremely delicate and not only susceptible to viruses and malware, but also overheating, which could also cause a server crash or extensive damage. This could tremendously hurt your bottom line, as a crippled computer system can hinder productivity. If this were to go on, you could end up losing customers, which obviously no company wants to see.

Your company most likely cannot afford the consequences of not having the proper equipment in place. Let Eco Center SOlutions help keep your business’ nerve center “healthy” with our server installation. We can help you set up a safe network to keep your business running. In addition, we also offer helpful tips and advice to keep your system secure and free from malware or overheating issues that plague so many companies. Business server installation is just one of the many computer maintenance services we provide.



We make sure your business’ network is safe and secure through proper server and firewall installation..

Wireless Router and Firewall Configuration

In addition to a solid network server, another part of keeping your company’s system secure is having a proper router and firewall in place. While the router ties together each computer in the office, the firewall keeps unauthorized users from accessing the company network and stealing or compromising confidential information.

Many business networks fall victim to hackers each year, which can cost a company millions in unwanted expenses. A properly maintained firewall network prevents any possible security breaches both from within and externally. It also monitors what goes out, blocks out any unwanted incoming traffic and possibly malicious attacks from malware or viruses, as well as blocks any potentially inappropriate websites.

Eco center solutions can help keep everything secure with our firewall configuration support. If you need help setting up the system, or have questions, our qualified technicians can help you with every step of the process. Whether you run a small business or a large corporation, network security is critical to keeping the company running. Let Eco center solutions  help you with the process. Like with any other computer issue, our trained staff will be glad to answer any questions or concerns you may have about setting up a router or firewall for your office..



Reliable Data Backup Services and Solutions

Did you know that more than half of the companies that lost their data shut down within six months? Whether your company employs a dozen people or a couple hundred, any data stored on office computers is critical for company operations. Those files may include personal employee information, expense reports and invoices, and various company presentations.
Whether it is from a rogue link, hard drive crash, or even a drink spill, an unexpected problem can wipe out that information in just a few seconds, and if you are not prepared, it can leave you feeling helpless, and having to rebuild from scratch. More importantly, it can reduce your company’s productivity, and furthermore, its bottom line, and even the future success. All of these are issues that you cannot afford.
Let Eco center SOlutions prevent any of those problems from happening with our business backup solutions. We not only save your important files and documents in the event of a catastrophe, but we also provide tips and support that will help keep your organization from being the next to go under. Taking the right preventive measures will allow you to make sure your company does not become one of the many that fail due to a lack of a proper business backup solution.


If your business requires its data to be backed up, out data backing services keep your information safe and secure.

Outsourced IT Support

A small business may not have the time, money, or resources to hire a full-time IT staff. However, smaller companies still have technical issues that may need immediate handling. For example, if a server crashes or falls prey to a malware attack, repairing and/or replacing everything can cost a pretty penny. In addition, the time spent could reduce productivity drastically, and result in lost business and money. It is an ordeal that you could hurt tremendously in the end.

Let ECO center solutions help alleviate the cost of hiring an IT staff with our small business computer repair and support. We can assist your technical needs the same way we handle any other computer issue. Within 24 hours, we will send one of our experienced technicians to your place of business, and immediately get started. From there, they can address whatever is plaguing your network, and allow you to get back to work as soon as possible.

Just because you have a smaller organization does not mean you should not have the proper resources in place. eco center solutions  computer services can help your small business operate with the same benefits as any other company with our reasonable pricing and quick service!


If your business’ computers are in need of repair or technical support, our staff can make sure your business gets back on track